For us

Gallery “Artissimo” was founded in 1990. It all started with the long hours spent in the studio, working out jewellery of precious materials and our ambition to create a new and different gallery space, showing all those fine, handmade jewellery, which were created by our hands and the hands of many talented Bulgarian artists.

Now for many years gallery “Artisimo” is located in the building of Haji Nikoli Inn – cultural monument built by Nikola Ficheto. The gallery is recognized as a cultural center bearing the nature of the Bulgarian contemporary art, because of its typical Renaissance architecture and the spirit and tradition of the old crafts
street “Samovodska Charshiq”.

After all these changes and experiences we developed our imagination and ambition, revealing to us and our partners new, interesting and exciting opportunities. And this is how we funded our second gallery in 1996.

Today we work with more than 80 jewelers, some of them work and expose arts also abroad. We managed to survive in this difficult area not only because of the many years of hard work and experience, but because of the fact that our job brings us joy and happiness.

Since our gallery was more a matter of enthusiasm than business the most important thing for us is the client. We hope that through our galleries, the unique and interesting works of these talented Bulgarian authors will find their way to true connoisseurs.

We are happy that today we can show jewellery, as in our galleries, and the web space so that the message of beauty, taste and refinement of the unique Bulgarian ornaments reachnto more people.